Production capacity

Production capacity

Production capacity
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Convert ideas into carbon fibre products, from single carbon fibre prototypes to mass production


Customers provide product ideas, our engineers will complete drawings and design composite structural layers.


We have CNC processing equipment. We can make handboard models according to drawings.


We can design FRP moulds, aluminium moulds or steel moulds according to different properties and requirements of products.

Forming process

The company uses advanced composite material manufacturing technology to customize composite products with different properties and requirements for customers.

For example, high-pressure tank forming, vacuum bag pressing, resin conduction molding, lamination molding, hand paste forming and tube rolling forming technology.

Material structure:

Solid structure of carbon fibers, Carville fibers, glass fibers and other composites;

Honeycomb, foam or balsa wood sandwich structure;

Hollow closed structure;

Surface selection:

Surface selection of various raw materials;

Plain, twill;

Sublight, light;

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