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Scientist: Micro-nano Composites Help Manufacture in China

2019-07-31 15:38:47 点击数:

Xinhua Beijing, September 1 (Reporter Guo Yujing) "The same volume of aluminium balls and iron balls, while falling freely from the roof, which landed first?" With the use of the world's most cutting-edge micro- and nano-structured materials technology, the answer may be paper balls.

Microlattice nanostructured materials developed by Dr. Fang Huanlai, a lifelong professor of mechanical engineering at MIT, ranked second among the 10 technologies that could change the world in 2015 selected by the world-renowned Technical Review of MIT, with only a few branches in the United States and Europe. Team masters the technology. Nowadays, based on this subversive technology, Fang Hualie returns to China to start a business and strives to make up for the gap in the field of functional composite materials in China.

Recently, Fang Huanlai explained this subversive technology in an interview in Beijing. He said that the materials used in the technology are plastics, metals and ceramics, which are familiar to us in the past. The new technology improves the performance by changing the structure of the material, so that the material has the original high strength, high hardness, and at the same time, greatly reduces the weight.

In order to realize the production of this material structure, an advanced micro-nano printing technology has been adopted, but the large-scale production is still a difficult problem. Fang Huanlai said that he hoped to solve the bottleneck of production capacity and achieve scale effect on the basis of increasing R&D. It is expected that the large-scale application of this new material will be seen in 3-5 years. He said that it is conceivable that the technology will have a very broad application prospects in automotive, high-speed rail, medical and other fields, and will have a tremendous impact on related industries, subverting the ecological system of composite materials.

Industry insiders say that there is still a big gap between the domestic new material industry and the international advanced level. Research and investment in disruptive technology will help to improve the technology level of domestic new materials and advanced manufacturing industry. (End)

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